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Rodent Proofing


Pest Proofing Tips

Prevention is better than eradication. Some rodent proofing tips include:

  • Keep vegetation back at least 18” from the structure and cut back any overhanging tree branches within 3’ of the structure.
  • Eliminate or reduce harborage areas by de-cluttering, keeping items away from the sides of your home or business and remove fallen leaves.
  • To reduce or eliminate food sources, remove bird feeders (or prevent seed from falling to the ground), pick up any fallen fruit, and use rodent-proof garbage cans and compost bins.
  • Repair leaky taps or pipes.
  • Exclude holes in buildings with hardware cloth or wire mesh (with less than 1/4-inch openings)., and  Whistler Cell (604) 902-7417

2 hour emergency response available