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We Specialize in Pest Control Services; Chimney and Duct Cleaning; Wood, Branch and Tree Removal; and, Fire Services.
"Sustainably Focused on YOUR Environment"
Sustainably Focused

Sustainability is protecting the environment, working well with others, and being excellent at what we do.

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Your convenience is our specialty including chemically free options.

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Vent & Air Duct Inspection & Cleaning Services



Duct Cleaning:  Rotobrush household and commercial duct cleaning staring at $180, or $12-18 per vent; 

Commercial, and Kitchen Hood Duct Cleaning  Is sometimes available.  Please contact first; 

Dryer vents starting at $40-60bucks. 

Repair estimates always included.  We do not always require access to the unit.


All work is done by professionally trained and experienced technicians.
Since 2008.

We clean out the following:

  • Dryer Vents;
  • Kitchen Hood Ranges;
  • Kitchen Exhaust Fans; and,
  • Household and Commercial forced air furnace ducting.

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