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Pemberton Chimney Inspection & Sweeping Services


Pemberton is a small community 20 minutes drive north of Whistler, British Columbia. It is known for potato farming, beautiful lakes, trails, amazing scenic views of Majestic Mount Currie, hunting, fishing and so much more.  To cope with the chilliness and variation of temperature Pemberton has a large selection of wood-stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces and wood furnaces.

A chimney fire is very hazardous as the fire can easily spread into the home. It is important to have regular cleanings conducted to ensure that the fire place is safe to use the entire season.


  1. Upon arrival the technicians lay a series of drop cloths around your chimney to prevent any debris from entering your home.

  2. All wood and ashes are removed from the fire place.

  3. A large vacuum hose is inserted at the base of the chimney to capture any falling debris.

  4. Air powered rods are then inserted along the chimney walls with specially attached brushes that clean the surface of the entire chimney.

  5. The procedure is repeated until the chimney is thoroughly cleaned.

  6. A final inspection is made by the technician, ensuring all soot, sut and smoke residue have been properly removed from the chimney lining.


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Chimney Cleaning: $80 and up

Average household prices about $120.  Most often it is $120 for the 1rst (or 1st hour), and $80 for the second and each thereafter.

Masonry chimneys can be a little more due to smoke shelf cleaning or length of chimney.

If there is ever a blockage, repair or problem, for 30-50$ more, we can video scan your fireplace and chimney to determine next steps.


We encourage ongoing education and training with our employees and services. Please contact us with any other questions, repairs or concerns.

Beginning with a proper inspection and clean we can began to prepare for optimum wood heat usage and a sustainable self sufficient and a self renewed future.


 Please contact for pricing.  Seasonal and regularly serviced annual discounts may apply



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