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Sustainability is protecting the environment, working well with others, and being excellent at what we do.

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Winter Rodents Removal and Chimney Services BONANZA

T-rexs, spring slammers, rat boxes, squirrel cages, glue sticks, katch-alls, mouse hotels, wind up traps, tin cats, slap traps, stickies, victors.  Whatever you want to call them.  We use it to catch and remove them.

Its winter and we want you more peaceful and thus rodent and disease free.  Remember its your home and home/business not theirs.  Given our climate, its more important you contact us now and plan proactively for a rodent free and clean future.

Rodent call outs and trapping services are about $50-100.

It includes a 10-15 point structural IPM (integrated pest management) checklist and a throughout pertinent BC and Canadian building code inspection.

More Specials: Chimney cleans average about $100-110.  It includes a free WETT inspection, and repair estimate if necessary.

Contact us about other pest/wildlife control and chimney/air duct cleaning services.

Free Tip: Remember Carpenter ants often start appearing in later January and February when temperatures change.

Contact us for a proactive and preventative analysis today (604) 902-7417 in Whistler, BC

30+ years proven experience in Valley

*note: If live trapping, excess raccoon, squirrel or wildlife charges may apply